Face It Face Cloth   $19.99

Face It Face Cloth $19.99

  • 1999
  • Save $500

A gentle-cleansing face cloth designed to:

  • Cleanse the face and neck (pink)
  • Remove make-up (black)

Face It is gentle enough for all skin types.

It cleanses, massages and exfoliates in one simple step and takes less than half the time and hassle than using the alternate ways of cleansing your face.

THE DESIGN: • Patent industrial design; • Heart-shape; • Two pockets for hands; • Double-side usage. THE FABRIC: • Microfiber, which is 1/20th the diameter of silk and 1/100th the diameter of human hair; • Has the ability to remove oils and dirt while reducing bacteria.

THE ADVANTAGES: • Its unique heart shape and two pockets allows you to… • evenly and thoroughly cleanse both sides of your face and neck simultaneously; • control the desired pressure of your circular motions; • Reusable; • Inexpensive addition to the cleansing regimen; • Convenient for travel anywhere.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Step 1: Pass Face it under water and wring out the excess. If desired, apply cleansing lotion to your face. Step 2: Slide hands into heart-shaped pockets; Step 3: Use upward circular motions to wash your face and neck; Step 4: Hand or machine wash the face cloth.* Hang the face cloth on complementary suction hook included in box, or tumble dry low. * No chlorine or bleach detergent or fabric softener.

The Benefits

Face It’s circular motions…
• completely removes makeup
hassle free;
• thoroughly cleanses skin;
• lightly massages skin;
• promotes cellular renewal;
• activates blood and lymphatic
Face It’s microfiber fabric…
• gently exfoliates skin;
• gives skin an instant glow;
• prevents clogged pores;
• grabs dirt from skin more
effectively than hands and
running water.

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