Why Olivia? Because that is the name of my lovely daughter and she will be the first to tell you that’s she’s the boss and I work for her!

Why did I open Spa Olivia? 

My background is in sales. I worked in a bank, as a recruiter and more, and lived my early years helping my parents in our corner store. I knew long before I had my first child, Alexander, that I wanted to work from home and be available to my kids. I always loved business, I loved moms and kids so I thought about what I could do. I took a private course when Alexander was a baby to do manicures, pedicures and waxing and from there I set out to make some extra cash for my family with a spa in my home. It wasn’t till I tried to take my baby with me to get some much needed waxing and a pedicure that I realized that most spas don’t allow kids. Another experience with a spa ushering my daughter and I out when I just wanted a gift certificate gave me that moment I knew that I would cater to you, my fellow moms so I opened a home based spa. We love to hear about your day and have a conversation with you.

Do you have to be a mom to come here?

Of course not. I have lots of ladies, students and kids that are part of the Spa Olivia family. We love your kids. Kids are welcome at Spa Olivia if you need to bring them. We also do kids services that are appropriate for their ages.

What is Spa Olivia?

I have a full service home spa in Stittsville where Viviana and I work Tuesdays to Saturdays.

How do I care for you?

I do my best to keep you and your family safe. We always use new files and buffers with every client. Our pedicure chairs are pipe less. That means there is no water being recirculated between clients because the jets are not attached to the pipes but run on its own motor. They are sanitized with medical grade cleaners for every client. We also open brand new foot paddles for each client or we leave one here for you for your next visit.

In the waxing room we never ever re dip the sticks in the wax. This ensures that the wax pots remain clean and not contaminated from double dipping.

As many of you know I love waxing and specialize in Brazilian waxing. They don’t call me a “vagician” for nothing! I even wrote a book on it!!:)

The health department regularly inspects Spa Olivia and we have a public health certificate that can been seen in the spa.

Spa Olivia is part of your community. We donate to many local groups such as schools, hockey and dance teams and ringette teams. We have won Business of the Year for Stittsville.

How can you book in?

You can book online at your convenience at and typing in Spa Olivia. You can see my availability as well as Viviana’s. Schedulicity will let you know the pricing, confirm when you book in and send you a reminder before your appointment.  See the YouTube video link on how to create create a Schedulicity account if you do not have one.  

I am blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends. I truly want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read about Spa Olivia and we hope to pamper you soon!!